The specific EmbryoScopeTM system consists of a special furnace with high precision conditions so that the embryos grow in the best possible environment. Furthermore, it is connected to a sensitive camera system that records the continuous process of the embryo. The amount of light passing through the embryos when photographed is taken into account so that it is minimized and their development is not affected.  


Thus each embryo is exposed for one millisecond every 20 minutes during its evolution.

Using EmbryoScopeTM improves the assessment as well as the selection of the embryos, as it records the process of their development from the moment of the fertlization until the embryo transfer.


This ability helps us to observe information on the development of the embryo which we lose by following routine protocols.

Considering specific times during which we expect important events to happen in the development of the embryos, we can decide if the embryo is able to lead us to a pregnancy.