xristopikou genetistria

Degree in Genetics, 1999 (B.Sc. in Genetics, 2.1), University of Cardiff, United Kingdom. Recognition and correspondence with the degree of Biology, AUTH
Master's title in Medical Genetics and Immunology (M.Sc. in Medical Genetics with Immunology), University of Brunel, 2000, United Kingdom. Title recognition from Dikatsa.
Doctor of Medical Genetics, Medical University of Athens.
Created the Genetics department at the Assisted Reproduction Unit of EMBRYOGENESIS specializing in the Preimplantation Genetic Screening of Chromosomal Abnormalities (techniques at the single cell level) from 2003 until today.


Laboratory Experience (14 years), FISH (cultured lymphocytes from peripheral blood, semen, polar bodies, blastomeres, blastocyst), PCR, arrayCGH at the single cell level, DNA fragmentation test for the sperm with SCD analysis, micromanipulation of embryos and gametes, cell cultures.

Member of the World Organization for Preimplantation Diagnosis and the European Organization of Human Reproduction. She has presented papers at international as well as greek conferences and she has published in greek and foreign journals. The main field of interest is the investigation of the role of chromosomal abnormalities in gametogenesis and embryogenesis of patients with infertility. Embryology Genetics.